MG MS-06F Zaku II review

I was lucky to be able to review this kit, MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver 2.0, courtesy of John Melvin. This kit is an updated version of the kit that first introduced in October 1995.

Zaku II

pic 01: Front View

Completed with decals.. 😀 , no topcoat applied yet to protect it, so have to be very careful when handling this kit.

Zaku II

pic 02: Side view

The Zeon mark is awesome 😀

Zaku II

pic 03: Rear View

Zaku II

pic 04: Zaku machine gun

Zaku II

pic 05: Heat hawk

Heat hawk, another Zaku II’s weapons are included. When not in use, it can be mounted on the side or rear skirt armor. I wished it would included an effect part for the heat hawk 😦

Zaku II

pic 06: Zaku machine gun pose 2

Zaku II

pic 07: Shoot!

PErhaps should get a yellow light to add more effect?

Zaku II

pic 08: Replace barrel

Out of ammo, replace the barrel!

Zaku II

pic 09: Zaku giant bazooka

Another armament of Zaku II is the bazooka. Parts are included to make either standard bazooka, or the giant bazooka pictured above.

Bazooka’s scope has a to cover up when not in use.

Zaku II

pic 10: Bombard

Zaku II

pic 11: Fly

Zaku II

pic 12: Standard bazooka

Standard bazooka are smaller in size and looks more like mass-produced.

Zaku II

pic 13: Pose!

Successfully posed like the box art! Congratulations!

Zaku II

pic 14: Attack!

The kit easily poses like the Unit 2 in the box art.


Overall, this is also a good kit, with great articulation. Each fingers have two joints. Legs are amazing and sturdy. What i like is the kit quality (better than average for an MG kit) and the moveable mono-eye!

However, what i dont like is:

  • Bazooka seems quite hard to mount, especially with the big parts (giant bazooka) interfering the shoulders
  • Individually moveable fingers (two joints for each); means more time required to adjust fingers, and they not strong enough to hold the weapons (so it is a must to mount it onto the palm). This particularly not good if you want it to hold other kit’s weapons such as beam rifles etc.

Still, i would recommend people to buy this kit because it’s pro’s are much more than its cons 😀

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2 Comments on “MG MS-06F Zaku II review”

  1. I guess when you say “replace the barrel” you mean “reload”?

  2. charles Says:

    do u have Gundam Wing?

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