MG Sword Impulse Gundam Assembly Page 1

The skeleton frame of MG Impulse Gundam is made from grey plastic.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 01: Parts for legs

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 02: Thigh

The thigh is build from five parts, with sliding mechanism for upper part of the thigh, just like Infinite Justice Gundam.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 03: Knee

The knee is four parts; with two of them connects to the lower leg.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 04: Lower leg

Lower leg consist of two plastic and two polycaps.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 05: lower leg

Leg completed. It can bend as shown as in picture.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 06: Legs

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 07

The part that connect the legs to the body consist of three parts; two plastic and one polycaps.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 08: connect

The part connects the leg with the waist.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 09: Stand

At this point the connected legs can’t stand on its own, unlike Infinite Justice. So we just use a Gundam Marker to make it a tripod..

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 10: connector

This part connects the leg to the foot. consist of three parts.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 11: Foot

Skeleton for the foot consists of fout parts, with the completed one shown at the front. The foot for left and right side is different.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 12: stands

Finally it stands! With the foot, the skeleton now stands.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 13: Standing

Compared with Infinite Justice Gundam, the legs looks very slim, from my experience of assembling it last time.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 14: Waist

The lower part of body connects to the waist. Consist of a ball joint.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 15: Connects..

The three parts connect together. the part at the right is used to hold and dock the Core Fighter of Impulse Gundam.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 16: Stands

The gundam stands a bit taller now.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 17: Connector

We are eager to pose the skeleton in flying mode, so we get a part to hook it up with the Action Base and the gundam. there are parts to mount the body, core fighter, the legs and silhouette pack to the action base.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 18: Connects

The parts connects easily with the skeleton.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 19: Mounted

Mounts without a problem, the skeleton is now flying! we can do more aerial poses like…

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 20: Haiyak!

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 21: Flying

More importantly, the legs does not fall off while is being mounted horizontally.

Next part will be the assembly of the Core Fighter of Impulse Gundam.

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