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Gundam Action Base 1 Sparkle Clear Green Assembly

December 30, 2008

I recently bought action base to pose my Master Grade gundam. As you would have noticed, all my gundams pictured in my blog is without the a display stand, therefore their poseability are limited because the legs are required to stabilize the gundam.

There are two types of Action Base by BanDai. I bought two ‘Action Base 1 Sparkle Clear Green’, which ‘1’ means it is used to display 1/100 scale gundam or larger. Type ‘2’ is for smaller gundams (and base is less expensive). They are usually mounted on the hips of gundam.

The color of the base here is ‘sparkle clear green’. After discount, it cost me RM 25 each (about 650 yen), although slightly expensive, it’s still better than ordering online, and because by ordering online i have to pay for the shipping cost.



Master Grade RX78-GP02A Physalis model kit

August 23, 2008

In March this year, i bought a gundam model kit i longed for years ago. MG Physalis, from the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories series.

In the series, this is a prototype gundam, stolen by an elite pilot from Zeon, Anavel Gato and used it against the Earth Federation, its original ‘owner’. It’s codenamed GP-02A “Physalis”. GP-01 “Zehyranthes”, its brother unit is piloted by Kou Uraki in his pursuit to stop Gato.

I prefer the Coating Version, which is an Gundam 20th anniversary limited edition. It’s not quite limited, because i can still get it after its production almost 8 years. Currently, the product is discontinued.

What’s so special about the coating version compared to ordinary version? Let’s see…

Note: Click picture for larger image.


The box layout

The coating version is actually similar to ordinary version but with specially paint finish.As a result the mobile suit looks as if it has a metallic body.