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Friendster Blogs powered by WordPress

October 17, 2008
too socking; the jaw crashed through the floor, hitting the mouse underground

"too shocking; the jaw crashed through the floor, hitting the mouse underground"

One day when i checked back for comments on my now-defunct Friendster blogs, I discovered that that Friendster Blogs is now powered by WordPress! The interface and features all the same! Now it’s the exact copy of wordpress!

Still, i still think Friendster blogs sucks. Didn’t regret transferring here. Previously I have vented my frustration here back when Friendster blogs is still powered by Typepad.


séeput still feels the aftershocks


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August 5, 2008

After several months offline (Ohno!) I finally managed to get back into blogging by switching to WordPress. Friendster blogs is indeed suck compared to WordPress, which looks more professional and more user-friendly and feature rich.

WordPress is easily accessible compared to the Friendster, connection is usually useless especially when the page stops loading.

I also have tried Blogspot prior from moving here, and i find that WordPress looks nicer and more user-friendly compared to Blogspot.
Here, I will present to you, some of my final year university life, photography, my collection of figures, animes, songs, jdramas and more…


séeput is sweating from hot weather in Unimas


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