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New power

February 21, 2009

We got new sets of photograph here!

(Click image for larger view)


pic 01: Construction site

Construction site in UNIMAS.. building a new main hall.



MG Infinite Justice Gundam Completed (Page 2)

January 31, 2009

After we have the MG Infinite Justice Gundam drawing out the sword in Completed Model Review Page 1, now we have…


Mg Infinite justice Review Page is up!

January 22, 2009
MG Infinite Justice


You can view my completed model and review page now!


séeput is delighted

MG Infinite Justice Assembly

November 22, 2008

It’s holiday and let’s continue assemble the Infinite Justice Gundam! As we have unpacked it, listed the parts, the next step will be to assemble the parts to make up the gundam.

In this post i will show the step-by-step and information that might be crucial for people considering buying this kit and some simple ideas to color it 🙂

Warning: TONS of images! 100 +! Or you can access the pages separately at the reviews section


MG Infinite Justice Parts

November 17, 2008

After slightly unboxing the Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam in the sneak peek earlier, now i present to you the complete parts for MG Infinite Justice Gundam!

MG infinite Justice contains lots of parts to assemble, but the numbers are still typical for a Master Grade. The runners are labeled using alphabets, ie A, B, C,..


Sneak Peek on Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam

November 13, 2008

Recently I managed to grab the highly-anticipated Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam model kit. It was released in Japan almost three weeks ago. In this post i will present to the model and the box before i assemble it..

Sneak peek

This is how MG Infinite Justice will look like after finish assembly. I hope my model can be as beautiful as that!

Infinite Justice appears in Gundam Seed Destiny series, and it is an upgraded version from ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam from its predecessor series. It inherits the features from Justice Gundam such as the backpack, but not without many upgrades. Compared to other MG kit, the main attractions are:

  • New waist joint to enable kicking pose as seen in anime for this gundam
  • Beam blades on the backpack and legs
  • Asymmetrical foot design – left and right are diffferent!
  • Multi purpose shield – contains beam shield generator, boomerang (can be used as beam sword) and grappling hook.
  • Athrun’s first gundam being made into MG kit!
  • This is also the first pink-coloured MG kit!

Box Art

The box have dimension of 39.0 x 31.0 x 9.5 cm with mass of around 860g. I like the box art very much because of its rich variety on mobile suits and battle in the background. The battle probably occurs in episode 40 during ZAFT’s attack on the Orb Union, codenamed Operation Fury. In the battle, Athrun Zala uses the unit for the first time and fights against former comrade Shinn Asuka’s ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam. You can see the Strike Freedom Gundam, Legend Gundam, the ArchAngel , and lots of ZAFT mobile suits. Our mobile suit here succesfully crushed a grunt mobile suit, probably a Gouf Ignited. However, i have no idea where is Destiny Gundam in the art… Legend Gundam is looking at us, does it mean that an MG for Legend Gundam is also in process? Well.. lets open the box…

Sneak peek


Stay tuned for more updates.


séeput is sleepy


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