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2009 Earth Hour at UNIMAS

March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

28 March, 8pm worldwide is Earth Hour. This one hour voluntary blackout is an event to show the world leaders that we citizens really respond in stopping global warming.

At UNIMAS, there are several hostels organizing activities. In Malaysia, all lights are switched off at 8.30-9.30pm (Malaysia time is late by half an hour), with hostel members encouraged to switch off their lights.. Let’s enjoy the pictures!



Photographer/crew beaten

September 15, 2008

Yesterday on the news there’s a report about a local Malaysian television channel, tv3. the television channel has been biased and descibed the incident as if they are innocent.

From MalayMail:

A TV3 crew on routine rounds in the city last night was attacked by a mob of some 20 Africans and locals outside a Taman Connaught pub. Reporter Puspavathy Ramaloo, 32, said she and two cameramen stopped their car not far from the pub about 11 last night. One of the cameramen, who did not want his name used, walked towards the pub after spotting a large group gathered outside.

There, he found a few liquor and beer bottles on the floor outside the pub and began to film the scene. However, the group of Africans, a number of local Indians and a local woman, accused him of filming them drinking and a row started.

The group then went after the cameraman, who ran towards the car. They caught up with him and three of them beat him up. Puspavathy tried to reason with the crowd, by they ignored her.

The three continued to hit the cameraman, one of them using a bottle. They also seized his camera.

Puspavathy in the meantime called on the other cameraman to film the incident. She then told the three attackers to cease and return the camera, or she’ll call the police. She showed them her media tag, after which the three fled, with the camera, while the rest went back to the pub.

The first cameraman suffered injuries to both his hands and bruises on his head and neck, where he had been hit with the bottle.

Meanwhile, the woman in the crowd, who had been aggressive and abusive, spotted the second cameraman filming them, came back with the rest of the mob and they attacked him, injuring him in the hands and abdomen.

They too seized his camera and media tag and left.

The TV3 crew members made their preliminary report at the Taman Maluri police beat base.

I think photographer/videographer should think about their safety when doing their jobs. What are they doing is a potentially dangerous tasks like filming people that are unwilling to filmed, because people like privacy during leisure at such places. Being a media people does not give them absolute rights to film other people even when the subject is doing something wrong. Filming them is like disturbing a hornet’s nest; when they get sting, they blame the hornet.

The crew can avoid such incident by first asking for permission to film and explain what they plan to film. Filming should only be done when they gave permission to do so. This eliminates the risk of untoward incidents like in the news.

Photographers must have ethics and be responsible of what are they film or photo.


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Olympics Closing Ceremony

August 25, 2008

The Olympics Closing ceremony is being broadcasted on RTM 2 on the night yesterday. The closing ceremony ends the world’s largest sporting event that has undergone since its official opening on 8th August.

I watched the live broadcast on RTM 2, which unfortunately only start broadcast on 8.30 whereas the closing program itself has already started on 8pm..


The show started with aerial view of Bird's Nest stadium