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MG Sword Impulse Gundam Assembly Page 1

June 26, 2009

The skeleton frame of MG Impulse Gundam is made from grey plastic.

 MG Sword Impulse

pic 01: Parts for legs



MG Sword Impulse Gundam Parts List

May 1, 2009

After we peeked through the MG Sword Impulse, let’s unbox them!

Box have size of 39.0 x 31.0 x 9.3 cm.

MG Sword Impulse

pic 01: Sword impulse gundam


Sneak Peek on MG ZGMF-X56S/B Sword Impulse Gundam

April 26, 2009

Recently I managed to grab the latest gundam kit in the Master Grade line, the MG Sword impulse Gundam. It was released in Japan last week on 17th April. In this post i will present to the model and the box before i assemble it!

Sneak Peek

pic 01: MG Sword Impulse Gundam

ZGMF-X56S/B Sword Impulse Gundam also appears on Gundam Seed Destiny series. Impulse Gundam is a versatile unit and can be equipped with different backpack according to needs, just like the Strike Gundam. There are three backpacks/configurations that appeared in the anime: the force impulse, sword impulse and blast impulse.

Main attractions to this gundam kit is compared to others:

  • Backpack – Sword Impulse backpack consists of twin boomerang and also two “Excalibur” anti-ship sword.
  • Can be disassembled into four separate units – chest flyer, leg flyer, core splendor and silhouette flyer
  • Asymmetrical foot design

What attracted me, of course, is the two anti-ship swords! Also included is a conversion part that enables Striker packs from Strike Gundam to be attached to the Impulse Gundam. Aile Strike Impulse anyone? 😀

What’s inside the box?

Sneak Peek

pic 02: Woah!

Stay tuned for more!


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MG MS-06F and RX-78 GP02A Physalis

March 10, 2009

The last of the mecha pair for MG MS-06f Zaku II ver 2.0, with RX-78 GP02A “Physalis”!

GP02A with Zaku II

pic 01: GP02A with Zaku II


Infinite Justice versus Zaku II!

February 16, 2009

Following the battle of GP01fb vs Zaku II i posted, we’ll post how our Infinite Justice fights with the Zaku II. Look how they will perform!

zaku ii vs i-justice

pic 01: Pair picture

Start the fight!


GP01Fb versus Zaku II !

February 8, 2009

When we have two MG’s, what would be more better than setting up a battle scene?


pic 01: Fight!


Review page is up!

February 4, 2009

With the addition of MG MSN-06F Zaku II Ver 2.0 review, now i have arranged the reviews under one big page for easy access! Enjoy! 😀