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Moon Festival 2008

September 15, 2008
Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival!

13 September 2008 is the Mooncake Festival celebrated by Chinese all around the world. It is also known as Mid Autumn festival because it usually occurred in during mid autumn. There are various celebration in Kuching and Unimas but i choose to elude myself because of the heavy barrage of assignments coming my way. Strangely, when i researched at internet, this festival should better be known as Moon festival instead on Mooncake festival. Haha.

This year i have made two different kinds of banner to wish them a happy mooncake festival, with both of them using the same image of our beautiful Luna, only cropped at different points. the image above is the second image and the one below is the first one i made. Personally i like the first image compared to second one, perhaps because of the straight and more simple looking wordings in chinese.

Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival banner #1

During mooncake festival, in my childhood, i always make lanterns my own. I have made quite an unrelated to the mooncake festival or chinese culture-like designs, like the Liverpool jersey design and public bus design. Now thinking about it, it’s quite embarassing and funny too..

Nowadays i only stay at the back, looking at the happiness of people around the world celebrating this annual festival, while remembering what i did to celebrate this wonderful occassion.


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