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2009 Chinese New Year Fireworks at Sarikei

February 1, 2009

Like previous years i get to celebrate Chinese New Year at my hometown again! So minutes before the tick of midnight for Chinese New Year, fireworks began to lit up the sky.. Scaring babies, cats and dogs and car alarms goes everywhere.

This year we are lucky because we have piko’s Canon EOS 450D to capture this night wonders 🙂


pic 01



Largest fruit display on Sarikei Pineapple Festival

December 16, 2008

I missed out this earlier, there’s showcase of largest fruits on Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2008. 🙂

(Click image for larger view)


pic 01: Durians

Largest durians.. 1,2 and 3. There’s “jangan sentuh” means “do not touch” in malay language. We proceed, and see.. (more…)

Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2008: Regatta

December 9, 2008

06 and 07 December

The sixth and seventh day of Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2008 continues with the Sarikei Regatta 2008. It is held on the Nyelong River, at the same place where fishing competition is held on Friday.

Having no idea and luck on event schedule, i went there on Sunday, which is the last day of the boat racing. I don’t have the schedule for the boat race and i use the free time when there is no racing to snap picture of people in the esplanade.


pic 01: Boats accross the river

Boats that are not used in a race is put at the slope formerly used for ferry point. There’s two ferry point and both of them are used to land the boats.


Fishing Competition at Sarikei Pineapple Festival

December 7, 2008

My coverage on Sarikei Pineapple Festival 2008 continues on the fifth day, where there’s a fishing competition!

5th December:

The competition took place at the Nyelong River Esplanade were the Pineapple Festival is held nearby.

It is scheduled at 2.30 pm, 5th December.

I arrived there at 3pm.


pic 01: Just before starting


There is no smiley on Sarikei sky

December 3, 2008

The world is lucky again when currently the two brightest planet on the sky: Venus and Jupiter, and the crescent moon will appear very very near in the sky. The current crescent phase of moon will make this ‘gathering’ a smiley face in the sky.

What you need is just to view the western sky just after the sky darkens; the planets will be there and the moon will drift nearer to make the smiley face.

However, at my hometown…



The usual clear skies at my hometown suddenly betrayed me when all the clouds also gathered to see this remarkable event.. Blocking all three from being visible from my place here.

Firas has a great capture of what you will see at clear sky:


The heaven smiles with you!

(Images courtesy of Firas from flickr)

Venus (left)
Jupiter (right)

Notice the faint halo near the crescent?

Shot facing southwest at a rare event when the Moon’s crescent, Venus and Jupiter all lay close in the night sky.

Hopefully i got to see this wonderful trio before their alignment is out.


séeput is sad because not able to see the event


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séeput’s holiday (homecoming trip ver.)

November 27, 2008

I look like superstar when posing like this

There was joy and sorrow as the very last of the final examination is over. the exam is extremely hard to swallow and the holiday may give people time to forget it.

Holiday is not complete without homecoming. My hometown is a six hours’ away from my university using land transport. Usually i use express bus or coach not only because it is relatively less expensive, but it also allows me to have a nice sightseeing. The road to my hometown passes through villages and most of them are very unique.

This time i’m quite rushed to go home as i planned to avoid crappy bus service. Journeys by better buses are not that often. On that day, the cab i reserved earlier also arrived earlier than expected, ie 15 minutes to fetch me to the bus terminal. That time, i just finished taking shower after moving lots of stuff off my hostel room. So what to do, i quickly rushed; outfit myself, styled my hair in less than one minute (my new world record!) and with my belongings (readily packed) rushed towards the nice uncle waiting for me.

The cab was lightning fast. It reached the bus terminal in 15 minutes while usual trips may take half and hour. This driver is very skilled. I am able to make it to the bus i wanted as i arrived earlier, and board it without problem.

During the trip, the bus usually stops at a rest center. At the center there’s a small diner and place for people to sell local products such as fruits and vegetables. This time i’m lucky because it’s fruit season. Rambutan, durian, corn and many more fruits are sold. The seller are very friendly!

At the rest point i went to the toilet. To my surprise, i just realized forgot to zip my pants since i depart from university! No wonder today the taxi driver, the ticket booth attendant, the bus driver and the auntie selling the fruit look so friendly and give warm smiles!


Extra light when i forgot my zipper; *shines in underwear color*

After toilet, i zipped my pants, and this time, i double checked to make sure it wont happen again!


séeput suffers losses!


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Sarikei new version

August 20, 2008

It’s one week holiday here in UNIMAS and i took this opportunity to travel back to Sarikei. It’s an usual trip: 6 hours of bus ride, sleep, cold, watch the scenery passing by and listening to music (although my phone is not a music-oriented phone; but can store up to 4GB’s worth of music)

Sarikei has changed tremendously since i left for UNIMAS more than three years ago. New buildings has been raised and some landmarks in Sarikei has been painted in new colors. Old buildings (and resident houses) has been replaced with new and ugly generic shoplots. I’m quite upset with this new development because the old building carries the identity of Sarikei. They are built by Chinese who settled here more than half century ago.

Before, we used to have nice row houses along Jalan Central – It’s interesting to see that the housebuilders get creative with their designs in old age. Meanwhile, a new bridge has been built at Nyelong River, which will render the existing ferry service useless. The bridge is nowhere as interesting as the ferry, where the car will just speed forward to cross the river – No more enjoying the riverside scenery. The market near the town square has been relocated, desaturating the number of people in central area during weekends. The old place has been converted into a empty landscape – with built-in fountains but rarely used.

One thing i realize in Sarikei is the wharf area, particularly the concord-like vessel terminal. The place has been rotting and hasn’t been given care and maintenance. The bridge connecting the floating pier has been rusting and it might fail and people will fall into the river. The pier itself is dirty, disoriented and not quite aligned with the water level. The terminal building is dirty and the paint has been shadowed by fungi. I hope the authority looks into this matter, and not just paying attention to the “NEW PROJECTS” under Barisan Nasional. Something also needs to be done to preserve the vessel service although it is not profitable anymore, because it’s used to be popular to travel with these boat. Hope it won’t extinct.

There’s lots more changes here, and it’s quite sad seeing Sarikei being eaten by the so-called developments. I foresee that in the future, no one can recognize Sarikei anymore just from looking because the new structures are pretty generic and not unique. Perhaps in the future we can, by looking at roadsigns.


séeput feels rebellious


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