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Happy New Year 2009

January 3, 2009

Welcome the New Year 2009 to all readers! And i would like to let you know that my new year resolution is…


There is no smiley on Sarikei sky

December 3, 2008

The world is lucky again when currently the two brightest planet on the sky: Venus and Jupiter, and the crescent moon will appear very very near in the sky. The current crescent phase of moon will make this ‘gathering’ a smiley face in the sky.

What you need is just to view the western sky just after the sky darkens; the planets will be there and the moon will drift nearer to make the smiley face.

However, at my hometown…



The usual clear skies at my hometown suddenly betrayed me when all the clouds also gathered to see this remarkable event.. Blocking all three from being visible from my place here.

Firas has a great capture of what you will see at clear sky:


The heaven smiles with you!

(Images courtesy of Firas from flickr)

Venus (left)
Jupiter (right)

Notice the faint halo near the crescent?

Shot facing southwest at a rare event when the Moon’s crescent, Venus and Jupiter all lay close in the night sky.

Hopefully i got to see this wonderful trio before their alignment is out.


séeput is sad because not able to see the event


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séeput’s holiday (homecoming trip ver.)

November 27, 2008

I look like superstar when posing like this

There was joy and sorrow as the very last of the final examination is over. the exam is extremely hard to swallow and the holiday may give people time to forget it.

Holiday is not complete without homecoming. My hometown is a six hours’ away from my university using land transport. Usually i use express bus or coach not only because it is relatively less expensive, but it also allows me to have a nice sightseeing. The road to my hometown passes through villages and most of them are very unique.

This time i’m quite rushed to go home as i planned to avoid crappy bus service. Journeys by better buses are not that often. On that day, the cab i reserved earlier also arrived earlier than expected, ie 15 minutes to fetch me to the bus terminal. That time, i just finished taking shower after moving lots of stuff off my hostel room. So what to do, i quickly rushed; outfit myself, styled my hair in less than one minute (my new world record!) and with my belongings (readily packed) rushed towards the nice uncle waiting for me.

The cab was lightning fast. It reached the bus terminal in 15 minutes while usual trips may take half and hour. This driver is very skilled. I am able to make it to the bus i wanted as i arrived earlier, and board it without problem.

During the trip, the bus usually stops at a rest center. At the center there’s a small diner and place for people to sell local products such as fruits and vegetables. This time i’m lucky because it’s fruit season. Rambutan, durian, corn and many more fruits are sold. The seller are very friendly!

At the rest point i went to the toilet. To my surprise, i just realized forgot to zip my pants since i depart from university! No wonder today the taxi driver, the ticket booth attendant, the bus driver and the auntie selling the fruit look so friendly and give warm smiles!


Extra light when i forgot my zipper; *shines in underwear color*

After toilet, i zipped my pants, and this time, i double checked to make sure it wont happen again!


séeput suffers losses!


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August 5, 2008

After several months offline (Ohno!) I finally managed to get back into blogging by switching to WordPress. Friendster blogs is indeed suck compared to WordPress, which looks more professional and more user-friendly and feature rich.

WordPress is easily accessible compared to the Friendster, connection is usually useless especially when the page stops loading.

I also have tried Blogspot prior from moving here, and i find that WordPress looks nicer and more user-friendly compared to Blogspot.
Here, I will present to you, some of my final year university life, photography, my collection of figures, animes, songs, jdramas and more…


séeput is sweating from hot weather in Unimas


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