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Olympics Closing Ceremony

August 25, 2008

The Olympics Closing ceremony is being broadcasted on RTM 2 on the night yesterday. The closing ceremony ends the world’s largest sporting event that has undergone since its official opening on 8th August.

I watched the live broadcast on RTM 2, which unfortunately only start broadcast on 8.30 whereas the closing program itself has already started on 8pm..


The show started with aerial view of Bird's Nest stadium



Malaysian Olympics Broadcast

August 17, 2008

Olympics have started on 08/08/08, where 8 for chinese, relates to luck and prosperity. I eagerly waited to watch the opening ceremony, but heck, there’s only one TV station airing it, and it’s RTM 1. That’s when they starts to annoy me.

  1. The opening ceremony is scheduled to start at 8pm, Malaysian time, , but the live broadcast does not start until 8.30pm to give way to the daily news. The government has decided that the Prime Minister is more important than the Olympics, so all local TV’s have to show his face at 8pm. Later at 8.30 pm, the broadcast started, and the performances have already halfway.During the broadcast, i have more and more complaints. The commentator, which is a local commentator rather than foreign one, is very noisy and constantly speak garbage. In one instant, he mentioned one of the musical instruments as ‘alat muzik bertali’ (stringed musical instruments). How can he be a commentator when he does not have knowledge about the performance?As a side note, i noticed that commentator skipped mentioning Israel.
  2. There are two channels broadcasting live events, but they are also far from satisfactory. The live event mostly focused on Malaysia athletes, while for events that have no Malaysia athletes in, it would be quite impossible to get the broadcast, not to say about being mentioned in news.In the first day, RTM1 broadcasted the women’s volleyball, where that time the game is already in second set. The show lasted for only few minutes before RTM switched to other sports, the fencing. With all these switching here and there, we cannot watch a full length of any game. What a waste.
  3. Delayed telecast is done by RTM during the night. However, what annoys me is that they still put the tag ‘LIVE’ at the right hand corner, some unsuspecting might think that is is actually a live telecast…

Anyone else watching from RTM 1?


séeput is sweating from the hot weather.


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