2010 KL Chinese New Year decorations (Part 2)

Continued from the first post HERE

In last post we have travelled around Kuala Lumpur to see how the shopping malls dress up for Chinese New Year. Covering Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, One Utama and The Mines Shopping Fair, we fill in up more here with Suria KLCC, MidValley Megamall and The Gardens Mall πŸ™‚

Our first stop is….


pic 01: KLCC!

Pic 01 perhaps is the hundreds of millionth photos of same type taken already, so its nothing impressive. Lets move in!

Suria KLCC:


pic 02

Entering from park side, we can see valentine’s day-themed decorations, mixed with Chinese New Year theme.

Lanterns are made of roses!


pic 03

At the main hall:


pic 04


pic 05


pic 06


pic 07

The decorations are quite plain, it only look nice coupled with the awesome background in the shopping mall itself.


pic 08

MidValley Megamall:

Our next stop is MidValley Megamall. With big budget spent on Christmas decorations, we also expect the same for Chinese New Year:


pic 09

MidValley emphasizes oriental theme blended with nature. Oriental monuments coupled with oversized flowers and dragonflies fills can be seen throughout the mall.


pic 10

At the Center Court, there’s a stage, pagoda and small chambers or cabin.


pic 11

MidValley Megamall is by far the hardest to take photo, flowers and dragonflies are everywhere. Bad angle chosen, you’ll end up with messy photo πŸ™‚ (almost like pic 10)

Personally i think they put up too much dragonfly. It look more like chaotic from storm or disaster rather than peace or joyous festive mood.


pic 12


pic 13


pic 14

The flowers itself has small pattern as well:


pic 15


pic 16

Makes us look very small!


pic 17


pic 18

Kinda funny looking at the posing for the potrait arts πŸ™‚

Move on to the next one;

The Gardens Mall:


pic 19

The Gardens Mall, just beside MidValley, has also dressed up for the festival as well.


pic 20


pic 21

Themed butterflies, The Gardens put simple and minimal themes, with butterflies on the Chinese-themed walls.


pic 22: Butterflies

Butterflies = money fly away?

I suppose they ran out of budget?

Or they use very expensive materials? πŸ˜›


My favourite of all for this year is Berjaya Times Square (Chinese Old Town theme), followed by One Utama (Maneki Neko theme) and close behind is MidValley Megamall (oriental mixed with nature). Surprisingly, all but one mall (Suria KLCC) never put in Valentine’s Day decorations or themes, omitting all of them altogether.

I’m quite impressed with the decorations, as it really lives up the festive mood and it makes shopping with your family and you loved ones more enjoyable. Well, one question;

Where’s the tiger?

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